Online voice catalog in spanish and in more than 72 languages

Catalog for native and international voice-over artists classified by language, gender, age and voice type.

Professional artists in more than 72 languages with an ample selection of Spanish, Catalan, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian and Japanese artists.

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Gen.: Type: Age: Name: Listen Quote:
Narrative Adult NSG02
Commercial Adult JBG01
Commercial Senior MAJR17
Commercial Adult JBT19
Commercial Adult CCM06
Commercial Adult JIL12
Commercial Adult CSL06
Commercial Adult JBT21
Commercial Young EST05
Narrative Adult JMD09
Commercial Young EST15
Narrative Adult XMS01
Narrative Senior MAJR18
Commercial Young OVI02
Commercial Adult JMD03
Commercial Adult CSL07
Performed Adult JIL07
Narrative Senior CGC06
Commercial Adult JBT20
Commercial Adult JBG02
Narrative Adult FRG04
Commercial Young MGZ18
Commercial Young CLS03
Narrative Young CLS07
Commercial Young CLS08
Narrative Adult FRG05
Commercial Young MGZ20
Commercial Adult PGZ14
Narrative Senior CGC05
Commercial Adult NMB01