Many times in our travels, we find ourselves faced with the possibility of being accompanied by a very special guide. He can show us what we want to see, be silent when we want him to, and repeat himself as many times as we ask. The audioguides are explanatory guides recorded in various formats (wav. mp3. aiff) and reproduced using special equipment in order to perform this role.

The principal characteristic of an audioguide is that it contains explanations organized by chapters that the listener can choose to listen to. The speaker is clear and educational. They tend to use two speakers in order to make comprehension easier, highlight different aspects, and break the monotone.

The user listens to the audioguide through headphones which means the sound should be of good quality with no background noise, pops, snaps, or other sounds that would bother the listener. Here at Voces de Cine, we record with microphones made by Newmann, the pioneer of high range microphones, and Avalon preamps. Our recording booths are properly soundproofed and acoustically designed to capture the sound in the most adequate fashion.