A radio spot is a form of publicity engaging only one sense: hearing. In voiding the other senses, especially the sight, we must put a greater emphasis on certain factors in order to get an effective radio ad.

The goal of this advertisement is the same as any other: to impact the reader in such a way that they remember our product or service the moment they need it.
The primary factors to making a great radio ad are:

  • The idea
  • The voice-over
  • The music
  • The sound effects

If we harmonize these components, we can make a successful ad.

The advertising idea

First, the ad campaign briefing music be prepared. The briefing should include in detail the campaign objectives, the target market, the advertising strategy, mediums, key messages, a campaign slogan, the overall budget.

From here, creativity, experience, memory, and imagination come into play. A Brainstorming session is a great way to start usually rendering the best results when we combine a diverse group of professionals with different points of view. This helps to not get stuck on a singular idea.

Once we have a list of proposals we will check its viability. If needed, at Voces de Cine, we have a creative team available to help in the creation of your product’s ad campaign.

Voiceover for an advertisement spot

The voice-over should be clear, bright and present. To capture these properties, we will need a professional voice-over artist capable of making a sensible record, taking pauses when necessary, inflecting the voice, and changing registers in order to best relay the message.

There are many professional voice-over artists with great interpretive skills, a very important factor in capturing a credible message. An artist should not only have a great voice and clear diction, but also the ability to understand the message and adapt to it.

In the Voces de Cine bank, you can find many great dubbing and voice-over professionals. You can select the voice characteristics you need for your radio spot.

Recording for a radio advertisement

Recording a voice-over should be done carefully and meticulously so that it maintains high quality and clarity in the few seconds it plays.

The use of specialized recording systems is essential when it come to recording voice-overs. The recording booth should have plenty of resonance without losing brightness.

A condenser microphone needs to be sensitive, precise, and above all, true to reality. It is very important to note the relationship between the room and the microphone since the microphone will not sound the same in every environment.

The playback system, being the speakers the client and artist use to listen to the record, has to have linear response. And like the microphone, it must be chosen in regards to the recording booth.

For these reasons, we at Voces de Cine, have soundproof recording booths acoustically treated to capture the highest quality record we can. All of our recording booths are equipped with Newmann microphones and Avalon preamps.

Recording an advertising voiceover through RDSI / ISDN

Another option we offer is to record ad spots through RDSI/ISDN, a point-to-point connection system with which we can connect in real time to any recording studio in the world.

The sound studio should be equipped with RDSI technology and codexes such as APT-X, EAPT, Mpeg1, and Mpeg2.

This way, from any part of the world, a client that needs a voice-over artist from our catalog will be able to make the record in real time. In the same way, this type of connection gives us the opportunity to use any international voice-over artist , independent of their location, in real time.

At Voces de Cine, we use RDSI/ISDN connection systems.

Music for an advertisement spot

In creating a radio ad, one of the most important decisions to make is whether or not to select music from a library or to write and record original music.

The listeners will remember the melody of our radio ad if we make the music and voice work in tandem. For this, we have three options:

Library music for advertisements

The sound studio has a great extensive music library classified by type, rhythm, tempo, style, with/without singing.

As a sound studio can have thousands of different tracks, the main difficulty lies in the selection of the music. The sound technician should to be able to find, according to our indications, the music that best suits our project.

The disadvantage of these compositions is that they are not exclusive. So any given client would be able to use the same musical theme for their ad spot, radio ad, audiovisual, etc.

Music usage is linked to a broadcast licensing payment that can vary according to the number of copies, broadcast territory, etc.

At Voces de Cine we have more than 50,000 high quality music tracks in our library. Our technicians will find the most adequate choice for your project. We, of course, take care of the broadcast licensing for all music selections.

Musical composition for advertising

This is the most creative option.

The musicians will work with the idea of the advertisement and compose original music for our ad. This option opens creative doors and gives us the opportunity to create exactly what we need. We can make the message stand out by giving the voice-over some rhythm.

In this case, the total cost of production would include exclusivity.

At Voces de Cine, we have access to many composers with ample experience in the creation of original music for advertisements and singers for jingle creation.


A “cover” is a new recording of a previously made musical theme; being more or less, our take on the original. Using covers is the most usual method for adding music to an ad.

When working with commercial music we are assured that the listen will remember our music, and in re-recording, we are able to adapt it perfectly to our ad.

In this case, we must negotiate the rights with the writer in order to make the cover.

At Voces de Cine, we take care of all the licensing, negotiating, and music creation.

Sound effects and ambience for radio ads

It is very common in advertising to use sound effects and ambience to create a realistic atmosphere. This way, we transport the listener or viewer to a recreated situation. Modern synthetic sound creation systems in many cases help finding special sound effects. In other cases, people tend to resort to a specialized library of sound effects, recorded by specialists, but we will always depend on the tradition work of effect creations: the, so-called, room effects.

An effects professional is someone who is able to record sounds within a recording booth, using any kind everyday gadget thus, generation sound adapted for your project. The imagination and creativity of the effects professional can recreate unimaginable atmospheres just within a recording booth.

With all these resources on hand, Voces de Cine has effects for logos, bursts, and other effects for creating any kind of environment, scene, or situation.