Online voice catalog in swedish and in more than 72 languages

Catalog for native and international voice-over artists classified by language, gender, age and voice type.

Professional artists in more than 72 languages with an ample selection of Spanish, Catalan, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian and Japanese artists.

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Gen.: Type: Age: Name: Listen Quote:
Commercial Adult OJHV05
Narrative Adult OJHV02
Narrative Adult OJHV04
Commercial Adult OJHV03
Commercial Adult KIKN01
Narrative Adult JHLQ01
Narrative Adult JKVM01
Commercial Adult JKVM03
Narrative Adult LDCH03
Narrative Adult NIN02
Commercial Adult JKVM02
Commercial Adult JHLQ02
Narrative Adult KIKN02
Narrative Adult LDCH01
Commercial Adult NIN03
Commercial Adult NIN01
Narrative Adult KIKN03
Commercial Adult LDCH02