Online voice catalog in spanish and in more than 72 languages

Catalog for native and international voice-over artists classified by language, gender, age and voice type.

Professional artists in more than 72 languages with an ample selection of Spanish, Catalan, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian and Japanese artists.

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Gen.: Type: Age: Name: Listen Quote:
Performed Child CCM04
Commercial Young RPE01
Narrative Young MGZ15
Narrative Young MGZ14
Narrative Young OVI04
Commercial Adult PGZ16
Narrative Senior RGU03
Narrative Adult NMB12
Commercial Young MNP06
Narrative Adult TMO03
Commercial Senior RGU05
Performed Adult RLB01
Performed Young MNP04
Commercial Senior RSP03
Commercial Adult RML01
Narrative Senior PA01
Commercial Adult XMT01
Narrative Senior RGU02
Commercial Adult NMB11
Commercial Senior MAJR25
Narrative Adult CCM10
Commercial Adult CLLZ20
Commercial Adult CCM12
Commercial Adult CLLZ21
Commercial Adult CCM13
Narrative Adult XMS13
Narrative Adult XMS12
Narrative Adult NMB13
Narrative Adult CCM14
Narrative Adult NMB06